On-Line Workshop

The on-line course is interactive and is moderated by a reading specialist.

Part A: The screening tool and Interventions - Part 1.
Intermission: Time to assess your students with tools presented in part one.
Part B: Interventions - Part 2, including activity resources for teachers and parents.

Participants are saying:

This training and tool are leading to very good results for our students.
I found it very informative and more in depth than I expected.

On-Line Workshop Cost and Registration

The course is self-paced with 24/7 access. Course fee includes the RRST, teacher and parent resources.

Please note.........Our On-Line Workshop is currently being rebuilt to accommodate a new platform. We are targeting to resume our On-Line Workshops in Spring 2020.

Questions about the On-Line Workshop? Please contact info(at)righttoread.ca or call 780-497-0407 for further information.